Create Beauty

Graffiti art wall murals?
Is there such a thing?
There absolutely is and it’s amazing.

Graffiti art wall murals are a new,
completely unique way to customize
kids’ rooms, playrooms, man-caves,
and any other room you want to jazz up.

You’ll love working with our graffiti mural artist

There’s nobody else like him! Using spray paint, he creates fantastic wall murals that are totally one-of-a-kind, turning your wall into a piece of unforgettable art. We take Calgary interior painting to another level. 

Why Choose a Graffiti Art Wall Mural?

There are a lot of reasons! Graffiti wall murals are:

  • A fresh, hip way to express yourself
  • Unlike anything you’ll find in other homes
  • A way to showcase an edgy vibe
  • Colourful and fun to look at
  • 100% customizable, so you can get literally anything you want
  • Just plain cool

Working with You on Your Mural Painting

When it comes to wall murals, you want to know what you’re getting before we go to town on your actual wall. That’s a given.

Our graffiti art mural artist works closely with you to understand what you’re envisioning and what you’d like to achieve. Then he’ll provide you with sketches to see if he’s on track. Once the two of you agree, he pulls out the spray paint, a top-shelf brand that we import from Montréal, and does his talented thing.

We guarantee you’ll be impressed. We know we are!

Ensuring You Have a Positive Experience

At A Burst of Colour, we’re all about prepping to protect your home and reduce the impact of dust on your family. Before we begin, we’ll “bag off” the entire room, creating a protective bubble that keeps dust in.

When you’re entirely satisfied with your wall murals, we’ll clean everything up and disappear. But don’t worry; we won’t go far. Our clients are our friends (many of them become family) and we want to be there for all your interior painting projects, just like we are for them.

Give us a call today and we’ll arrange a visit to your home to discuss your goals and show you the possibilities!