Cabinet hardware is more
important than it might seem.

The right hardware can instantly
update your kitchen cabinets, bathroom
cabinets, and entertainment units.

Many people want to keep the authenticity of the era in which their cabinets were built but give them a more modern appearance. That’s cool. We love updating cabinets with a fresh, trendy paint colour or new stain, maintaining that authenticity. Then we help our clients choose cabinet handles and cabinet hinges that add a modern touch without taking away from the authenticity.


There are so many options for cabinet hardware that it can be hard to choose what will look best in your home. That’s ok. You’re welcome to work with our interior designer, who will get to know you, your home, your lifestyle, and your tastes and make recommendations.

We’ll bring samples of the designer’s recommendations on knobs or handles to your home and install them on your cabinets. This takes all the guesswork out of the process as you can actually see the hardware on the cabinet.

The main supplier we use for hardware is Richelieu Hardware Ltd. Our designer will show you options on Richelieu’s website. We like them because the product is really high quality and they have an extensive portfolio, with options at every price point. If we can’t find the right piece of cabinet hardware at Richelieu, we’ll go to other companies until we find something you are happy with.

A Word About Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

When updating their kitchens, a lot of people want to upgrade to soft-close hinges. We get it! It’s nice to have doors and drawers close quietly, without all the drama.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to put soft-close hinges on every kitchen cabinet. If your kitchen was built before the 80s, there is a good chance that you will be limited because the doors are so thin that routing holes for the hinges isn’t a good idea.

This isn’t the end of the world, though. There are many options for new exposed hinges that will update the look of the cabinets, match your new knobs, and maintain the authenticity of your cabinets. We’ll work with you until you find something you like.

If your kitchen was built in the 80s or 90s, there is a good chance that we can install soft-close hinges. We may need to make minor alterations but we’ll ensure your cabinets still look great.

We can also paint or apply a faux finish to your existing hardware if you like the style but want to update the look.

Find the Perfect cabinet hardware

Give us a call today to talk about your painting project and how we can help you find the perfect cabinet hardware. We’re pros at kitchen cabinet refinishing, including the selection, installation, and refinishing of cabinet hardware. (And we can hook you up with everyone you need to refinish your entire kitchen so you can skip the general contractor!)

We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your dreams for your home. Contact us today to get started.


Travis and his team were absolutely wonderful. They were professional, courteous, and thorough through all stages of their work in our kitchen. They took great care and pride in their work, and were incredibly prompt, communicative, and kind in all interactions with us. — Soraya Lakhani

I was thrilled with Burst of Colour. They did a wonderful job resurfacing my cupboards and changing the hardware. They were so neat and tidy, taping off diligently, and paid such attention to detail. Also Travis is the best communicator, always returning calls ASAP. Highly recommend. — Candace Allan

I would definitely recommend A Burst of Colour. Great attention to detail and phenomenal service. – Shelley Bailey