Stucco painting. It’s a term that can be confusing.
You see, some people call us up and ask us to paint their stucco ceilings.

Popcorn Ceiling

The thing is, they don’t have stucco ceilings. They have some form of stipple or popcorn ceiling. We can definitely help with that (and we’re cool if you call it stucco) but we just want to be clear that the ceiling is not done with stucco but with a lighter form of drywall mud.

So, if you’re looking for stucco painting for your ceiling, you’re really looking for one of these:

  • A textured ceiling, either brand new or replacing the texture that is currently there
  • Someone to paint your textured ceiling

We can help. Give us a call and we’ll visit your home to assess the situation and talk about your goals. As professionals with years of experience, we’ll provide suggestions to help you get a ceiling that’s right for you.

Interior Wall Stucco Painting

With walls, requests for stucco painting are actually requests for painting plaster. Stucco is only used on the exterior of houses.

Drywall started replacing plaster after WWII. By the late fifties, drywall was the standard. If your home was built before the fifties and the walls haven’t been renovated, there’s a good chance you have plaster walls, which are sometimes referred to as lathe and plaster.

We can repair and repaint your plaster walls just as easily as we handle drywall. As always, you are welcome to a colour consultation with our interior designer to get new possibilities for your home and we’ll handle your project with passion and precision, because that’s just who we are!

Exterior Stucco Painting

While we specialize in interior painting, we never leave our clients hanging. If you need exterior painting, we’ll make it happen.

We’ve done numerous exterior stucco painting projects that have resulted in people pulling up to their homes with a smile.

Before we begin painting the exterior of your home, we will:

  • Cover the plants, trees, and exterior decking.
  • Remove any mildew and mold that has developed on the exterior.
  • Fill holes and cracks on the exterior walls.
  • Power wash and clean the surface of the exterior.
  • Apply caulking and waterproof windows and doors of the home.

Whether It’s Stucco or Not, It’s Worth a Chat

Give us a call to talk about your painting project. Whether or not it really is stucco, painting is our game and we’re willing to look for ways to help you.

If we don’t think we’re right for you, we’ll let you know. We may be able to refer you to the right company and, if we do, please know that we do not accept money from other companies in exchange for referring them. Instead, we look for companies that share our passion for perfection that we can recommend so we know you’re going to be well taken care of.

Just seems like the right thing to do!