Popcorn ceiling removal gives you a
nice flat surface that can then be painted
to give it a silky, smooth finish.

This is a great way to update the look of your home, giving it a modern appearance. It will also open up the space as popcorn texture tends to make the ceiling look lower and absorbs more light than a flat ceiling.

The other benefit to removing popcorn ceiling is that your flat ceiling will collect less dust. It will stay fresh-looking for a longer period and will reduce the amount of dust people are breathing, which may be important if anyone in your home has allergies.

Of course, we can also remove old popcorn and spray your ceiling with new texture. Most people who want a textured ceiling choose either new popcorn or a California knockdown. We’ll work with you to help you decide what’s best for you and your home.

Please note that we don’t offer popcorn ceiling removal if the popcorn texture has been painted. It is simply too difficult and time-consuming to get the texture off the drywall without damaging the drywall. In such cases, we recommend installing thin sheets of drywall over the popcorn. We can help you determine if this will be necessary when we visit your home.

How ToRemove Popcorn Ceiling: Our Process

When we remove popcorn ceiling, we wet it first to reduce the dust. Experience is critical because if you use too much water, the drywall paper will become very wet and take a long time to dry out. You also run the risk of damaging the ceiling if the tapelines get too wet.

We then use putty knives to scrape the material off the ceiling. It sounds like a horrible task but it isn’t. It’s meditative and therapeutic, and seeing the material come off and your nice flat ceiling emerge is very satisfying!

It is important to scrape carefully to prevent damage to the ceiling. Our team is experienced and understands how to prevent too many gouges in the drywall or tears in the joint tape.

After Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Once we’ve removed all the popcorn texture, we’ll make any repairs necessary. For example, sometimes there are visible screws, tape, or nails that need to be covered.

The next step involves a light pole sanding, followed by a skim coat (cross weaved), another sanding, and then a coat of primer or Level 5, depending on the final desired effect. At this point, your ceiling is ready for us to do one more pole sand, and apply paint or texture.

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