Faux painting is one of
our specialty services that we are
proud to offer in Calgary.

It’s definitely an art and we are pleased
to have experienced, talented painters
on our team who can transform your
home with various painting techniques.

Whether it’s making wood look like concrete or drywall look like wood or stone, we can help. Faux painting allows your imagination to soar and challenges us to do our very best.

We can use paint, glaze, and various types of texture to give you the look you want on your walls, pillars, mantle, or furniture. You choose the effect you desire, and we’ll make it a reality. The possibilities are endless, so dream big!

Working with You

The benefit of doing some type of faux painting on a wall is that you can define the space, creating a focal point. The effect you choose can also change the perception of the size of the room, making it seem larger and airier or smaller and cozier.

Maybe you’re not sure if your faux finish idea will look good, or maybe you have no idea what you want other than a change. That’s cool. You can work with our interior painters to get ideas and inspiration.

Our interior designer will consult with you to understand your vision for your faux painting project. She’ll also discuss possibilities that might help you crystalize your vision even more. Once she has a good idea of what you want, she’ll work with our painters to create samples you can use to make your final decision.

Faux Finish Possibilities

Like we said, we’ll figure out a way to make your dream a reality, no matter what. Here are a few of the faux finish possibilities available to you:

  • Antiquing
  • Colour washing
  • Sponging
  • Venetian plaster
  • Marbleizing
  • Whitewashing
  • Stenciling
  • Wood graining
  • Faux granite
  • Rag rolling

When you’re ready, give us a call to chat about your needs. We’d love to help you achieve the look you’re envisioning.