Drywall repair is part of the
job when painting interior walls.

We don’t want you to have to source another company just to repair the drywall, so we’ve learned how to fix drywall and will do it as part of our interior painting services.

Drywall repair isn’t difficult once you’ve learned how to do it. All it takes is knowledge, experience, and a commitment to precision (We’ve got that!) and it’s easy to patch holes and fix other issues with drywall.

Please note that we have a minimum daily charge. That means that it won’t make sense for you to call us to patch a hole in your drywall and paint one wall.

Pros shouldn’t really share their secrets. But hey, you deserve to know how to get the best paint job possible, so we’ll tell you.


Secret to Drywall Repair Before Painting

Our secret when repairing drywall is to use dust control mud (drywall compound). Drywall dust can get everywhere because it’s so fine. While we prevent that as much as humanly possible by “bagging off” the spaces in which we work, it also helps to reduce the amount of dust produced in the first place.

Dust control mud produces a different kind of dust than traditional drywall compound. It’s not as fine, so it doesn’t go drifting all over the house. Instead it falls like sawdust. So, when we do drywall repair before painting your walls, we can contain the dust a bit better.

We still use a dust barrier though.

Don’t Worry About Drywall Repair

The bottom line is that hiring A Burst of Colour’s professional painters means that you don’t have to worry about drywall repair. We’ll take care of any issues with the drywall before we paint, and may even be able to get the drywall repaired while you’re consulting with our interior designer.

Give us a call to schedule a home visit today. You can show us around and we’ll discuss your needs and goals, then prepare a schedule and quote for you to consider. We look forward to getting to know you!