Spray painting is the best way to get a silky, smooth finish that will last for years to come.

We have a large variety of different spray machines and four that we use for furniture spraying. Each one gets the job done differently.

Our goal is to create what you envision, and we choose the technology we use based on your ideas and your unique project. Our spray painting equipment includes:

  • 4500 cfm exhaust fan that filters the atomized dust into a separate room through a combination of a down and side draft
  • Spray booth with moveable walls to allow for various sized projects
  • Wall-mounted, airless pump for certain coats, connected to a large compressor
  • Pressure pot for clear coats
  • Airless sprayers or HVLP sprayers for smaller projects
  • Air brush and touch up guns for fine, detail work, such as a touch up on a toe kick

Spray Painting
 Cabinets &

Getting the perfect, silky smooth finish requires us to pay attention to details. For example, even though we regularly clean our sprayers, each one has a specific use. This prevents accidents like getting a speck of colour in a clear coat, and allows us to get the best finish possible.

The type of tip we use on the sprayer depends on the viscosity of the material and the piece that we’re spraying. These also impact the size and shape of the fan we use as well. We also thin down products with their associated thinning agents so they are compatible with the specific sprayers we need to get the job done.

If your furniture is within a certain size restriction, we’ll paint it in our spray shop. Our shop has a specially designed ventilation system and racking units so it offers a highly controlled environment, allowing us to achieve a perfect finish with no disruption to your home.

For large or built-in pieces, we create a temporary spray booth in your home. This allows us to get the most perfect finish possible without causing any damage to your property.

Spray Painting

To get the smoothest, most luxuriant finish, we spray kitchen cabinets rather than using a roller or brush (unless you prefer us to use a roller or brush).

Our process includes removing the cabinet doors, which we take to our spray shop. The spray shop allows us to spray the doors in controlled conditions to get the best finish possible.

For the rest of the kitchen cabinets, we set up a temporary spray booth around the cabinetry. This allows us to spray the cabinets without getting paint on anything else. We use paper and plastic to completely protect your countertops and backsplash. We also use a portable on-site exhaust to create a negative pressure booth. This helps eliminate fumes and atomized paint inside the on-site booth and stops anything from escaping.

We remove cabinet doors and drawers, prepare them by filling holes, sanding, and degreasing, and then spray them in our spray shop, which allows us to get the best finish because the environment is tightly controlled.

Learn More About Furniture Spraying

Are you dreaming of transforming a piece of furniture or cabinets in your home? Contact us to learn more about the benefits of furniture spraying and how we can help you. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you achieve your vision. Cheers!

Travis did a fantastic job on repainting and refinishing a dining room table and chairs which my family has owned for almost 40 years.  His workmanship is top notch and his professionalism, friendliness and wonderful personality made our experience with him that much better. I would definitely use his services for future projects and highly recommend him and those who work with him. 😊 — Jason

We had a fireplace mantle painted to match window frames and kitchen cabinets. From the beginning of the project Travis was always professional and prompt in responding to our requests. The whole crew are polite and courteous. Travis never made us feel like a “small job” wasn’t important. They spent many hours getting it just right. I would recommend this company to friends as well as family. — Jan McNichol

From start to finish, Travis and his crew have been friendly, professional, well organized, hard working, and have made a pleasurable experience. It could not have gone smoother. We will call them again in the future. We truly recommend this company. You will not be disappointed. Thanks guys for a well job done!! – Sandra M.