Painting stairs and railings dramatically changes the look and feel of a home.

That’s why it’s one of our favourite things to help other people with. You can take an ordinary staircase you don’t even notice and transform it so that you feel pleasure every time you’re on it.

You can do a lot of neat things with stairs and railings. A cool effect that’s popular and completely customizable is the two-tone railing makeover. There are endless possibilities with this, with one option being staining the handrails and posts, and giving them a satin finish, and then painting the wall panels, risers, and spindles.

But the bottom line is: It’s up to you! We’ll work with you to turn your ordinary stairs and railing into a conversation piece that looks even better than the day they were installed.

Painting Banisters or Replacing Them

You’d be amazed what properly applied paint and stain can do for even the ugliest of railings. We’ve taken 100-year-old railings that looked hideous and turned them into pieces of art.

If your banister is in relatively good condition, we recommend talking to us before replacing it. We can do minor repairs, like fix a railing that is separating from the wall and can probably come up with a plan that leaves you smiling and saves you money.

If painting your railing isn’t going to be the best option for you, we can connect with a railing supplier we trust to help you get a new railing in a style you like.

We do not receive a referral fee for this service or have any stake in this supplier. Our job is simply to connect you with the best service and product providers we know and let you take it from there.

Give us a call today to discuss your stair painting and/or railing painting project. We’d love to help you get a burst of colour so you can take pride in every inch of your home.

Railings & Stairs Painting Results

Planning for a Staircase Makeover

Because your painted staircase and banister will have such a dramatic effect on your space, we highly recommend a consultation with our interior designer before proceeding. Many of our clients have felt that they avoided making a terrible mistake after talking with our designer. They were much happier with the results she helped them envision than they would have been with what they were originally planning.

Our designer will get to know you and your home, explain how your choices will impact the look and feel of your home, and make suggestions that might work better or that might inspire you to tweak or even change your plan. Ultimately, every decision is up to you. Having the support of an interior designer can help you feel more comfortable making those decisions.

Preparing to Paint your Stairs & Railings

Painting interior staircases and railings requires precise timing. You and your family need to be able to move between floors so our residential interior painters need to work quickly but not so quickly that we risk ruining the paint job.

We prefer to spray stairs and railings as this gives a silkier, smoother finish than using brushes or rollers. This means using paper or plastic to protect any surfaces that aren’t supposed to be painted. If we’re doing a two-tone effect, we follow a strict procedure that gives you an amazing outcome and allows you to use your staircase as soon as possible.