Ceiling repair is part of the job when you’re creating beauty in someone’s home.

A Burst of Colour does not do small popcorn ceiling repair jobs. We prefer to do them as part of a medium- to large-sized project, but in most cases we can repair damage to your popcorn ceiling before painting it even if it is a smaller-scale project.

You don’t have to deal with two different companies just to get a ceiling you love!

If we’re painting walls or doing some other large project in your home, we will happily repair damaged popcorn or knockdown texture on a ceiling for you. We’re often able to match the texture. If it’s going to be very difficult to match the texture or if matching isn’t going to work, we’ll recommend removing the texture and spraying the ceiling with new texture or paint.


If you have water damage on a small painted ceiling, we may also be able to help with that as part of a larger project. As experts at paint, we’ll do a colour match, kill the stain, and touch the ceiling up with a roller. We don’t recommend repainting one section of a ceiling in a large room as it will be noticeable and prevent you from fully enjoying the space.

Popcorn Ceiling Repair

When popcorn ceilings get wet, they don’t just turn brown. The popcorn can actually start falling off. In these cases, we wet the damaged spot and carefully scrape off the texture.

While the spot dries, we “bag off” a work area to prevent dust from getting everywhere. Then we apply a stain blocker and primer.

Next we apply new popcorn, matching it to the rest of the ceiling. This requires expertise in applying texture as well as in mixing the product. You need to get the match perfect or it will be obvious and, again, prevent you from fully enjoying your home.

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