Create Beauty

Cabinet painting and refinishing is
an awesome way to bring a burst
of colour into your home.

Painting or re-staining cabinets will transform the look and feel of your home while giving new life to aging cabinetry.

Consider getting your cabinets refinished by professional painters if you:

  • Have a home that’s stuck in a time warp and want to update the look, so you feel like you’re living in the 21st century
  • Want a change but don’t want to spend a fortune redoing your entire home
  • Are updating your walls, doors, and trim and want your cabinets to fit in with the overall appearance of your home
  • Feeling blah and want to add some life and energy to the spaces you spend your time in

Benefits of Professional Cabinet Painting & Refinishing

Changing up your kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, entertainment units, and built-in storage units makes a significant difference for people. A fresh coat of professionally applied paint or stain renews the cabinetry so you feel better every time you open a door or drawer. It can even increase the value of your home.

Getting pros to undertake the painting of your cabinetry has its own benefits. With your Calgary interior painting team on the job, you can relax, knowing that your cabinets will look amazing.

Our team has years of experience refinishing cabinets plus multiple sprayers, allowing us to ensure we get a perfect finish. We remove cabinet doors and drawers, prepare them by filling holes, sanding, and degreasing, and then spray them in our spray booth, which allows us to get the best finish because the environment is tightly controlled.

To get the best, most durable finish, we create a spray booth in your home to paint or stain the built-in part of the cabinets (the shell/bones of the cabinets). We use an on-site exhaust fan to create a negative pressure booth. Spraying is much faster than painting with a roller or brush, and it creates an ultra-smooth finish. You will also be able to use your cabinets much sooner.

Cabinet drawers & doors

We also offer new soft-close hinges for your doors and drawers. Some cabinets require slight alterations to fit the new soft-close hinges, which our experts take care of in a jiffy!

Along with installing soft-close hinges and making cabinet alterations—whether it be an added cabinet or two or a redesigned kitchen island—we can also swap out old, outdated glass from your cabinet doors.

Cabinet Refinishing Services

When it comes to residential interiors, we paint pretty much anything. We can help you with:

Kitchen Cabinet
Create the kitchen of your dreams with professionally painted cabinets that stand out (or blend in, if you wish). Our interior designer is here to help, and we can connect you with everyone you need if you’re doing a complete kitchen remodel.

You don’t have to live with pieces you’re not completely happy with. Entertainment units, shelving, tables, chairs, dressers, sideboards, coffee tables, and more can be transformed with paint and stain so you can really enjoy them for years to come.

Do you love the shabby-chic, distressed antique look? Chalk painting gives your cabinets and other pieces depth and warmth, and adds a whole new look and feel to your home. It can be a great look for kitchens!

New knobs, pulls, and hinges bring your cabinets up to date (or into the future, if you wish). Our interior designer will help you select the right hardware and our experienced team will install it for you.